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Surrey, Cloverdale, Clayton, House for Sale

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Written on August 27th, 2019

Selling your home?
Paint with neutral colours!

One of the best things you can do to sell your home quickly and for the highest price, is to paint it! Not just adding a fresh coat, which is important, but to paint your home with neutral colours. 

Buyers visiting your home are trying to visualize their life, in your house. They are looking for a home that is well-kept, and up-to-date, but their main question is “Can I see myself living here?” By painting your walls with neutral greys, whites, and beiges – you allow a clean slate from which the buyers can imaging their furniture, decorations, and ultimately, their life in this house. 

There are people, with more creative brains, who can see any colour in a home, and change it in their mind to the colour and style they want. But the majority of people have a more difficult time seeing past the paint colours and will dismiss a great option for their new home. 

In particular, it’s important to paint over very dark, unconventional, or vivid colours such as red, green, yellow, and orange. Lightening up the colours in the home will also evoke a sense of a brighter home, with more natural light. 

So do you have an red bedroom right now? Maybe it’s magenta? Time to get that bucket of grey and create a new vision for your potential buyers!

Here is listing of ours where the sellers have made great use of neutrals throughout the entire house!

5629 W Sunrise Crescent, Cloverdale – click to view

Surrey, Cloverdale, Clayton, House for Sale Surrey, Cloverdale, Clayton, House for Sale


(photo credits: www.housedecoratorscollection.com, www.m.homeyou.com, www.funcheaporfree.com)