6 Reasons to Sell in the Summer

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Written on July 3rd, 2019

1. Homes look their best.

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, beautiful scenery can be worth a valuable home. In the summer, the trees, flowers, and curb appeal is at its peak – increasing the value of your home. Not only will this mean your showings will be more positive, the photos will be at their best. If you take the time to trim, paint, and spruce up the outdoors of your home, you will maximize your home’s selling features and your sale. It’s a great time to join the real estate market in the summer.

2. Families are moving.

There is a lot of stress with buying a home and moving during the school year. Your chances of selling your home in the summer is much higher partly because young families prefer to move in the summer. Families want to get settled in their new neighbourhood before their children start school again in September. Most people also prefer moving during the summer when the weather is dry and days are longer – this makes for a less stressful and smoother move.

3. More time.

Not for all, but for many, the summer means more time. Many are able to take time off work, or have a reduced work schedule, allowing more time to focus on selling your home. With extra long weekends in the summer, you’ll have more time to spend on listing your home, talking to a realtor, considering offers, and putting in the time you need to get it done. With buyers also on holiday time, they will have more time to consider your listing, making them feel more confident to make an offer. 

4. Easier to renovate.

The summer is a great time to be able to renovate and fix up a home. The weather is better, the schedules are less busy, and the days are longer. Getting your house ready faster, means you will get the most value from your home, and possibly a quicker sale. Take the time to ensure everything is working perfectly, nothing is broken, dented, or scratched. Making those repairs will be mean your buyers feel they are viewing a well-maintained home that doesn’t require a lot of work after they move in.

5. More people outside.

There is nothing like an evening walk on a summer day. The longer days, and beautiful weather means there will be more people out and about for a walk, drive, or adventure. With more people exploring and walking through your neighbourhood, your home will be more visible and more people will see your for sale sign. They will have an up close look at your home on a beautiful sunny day.

6. A selling market.

The summer is the busiest time of the year for the housing market, due to the reasons we just mentioned. Joining the real estate market during in the summer will mean that you are more likely to have more viewings, showings, offers, and can price your home competitively within the market. Ultimately, it’s a sellers market in the summer, and the best time to expect a quicker sale and getting the most value out of your home.